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Mindfulness | Mindful Movement | Community | Empowerment

The Studio at Luminate is a safe space for likeminded members of our community to practice mindfulness and mindful movement, to enjoy community connectedness and to learn from new experiences.

We have partnered with some of the most respected and talented individuals in HRM to provide you a holistic suite of unique and soul nurturing classes and events.

Ryann Pinkerton

Ryan is a movement lover and Stott Pilates certified teacher who believes joyful movement is the most powerful way to connect to your body. She is also Postnatal Fitness certified to better assist postpartum people in their movement journeys.

Her classes are centered around finding ease and joy in movement.
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Ashley Carson

Ashley is a certified yoga instructor and key pillar of the Luminate team. To Ashley, Wellness means so much more than fitness or health status. It’s a deeper feeling of peace, contentment, and satisfaction within that each individual determines for themselves. 

Her classes are mindful and accessible. 
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Victoria Scully

Victoria is a certified Yoga, Pilates and Meditation teacher. Strongly connected with Luminate, she prioritizes wellness, mindfulness & sustainability in her own life while supporting others on their journey. She guides meditation and other mindful movement classes with us. 
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Alesia Komarnisky

Alesia Is a 500 hour CYT. She also studied Visual Art at NSCAD University, and is a Mom of one.

Alesia has a heart centred approach, and has trained in a myriad of yoga modalities. She has taught yoga practices to people with a variety of physical abilities, and health conditions, in many settings including: Yoga Studios, Hospitals, Senior Care Centres, & many more. Alesia believes that with a little creativity, & a lot of heart, everyone can access the life enhancing benefits of yoga!
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Tisha White

A 2oohr YTT & experienced health educator, Tisha is a passionate advocate for  wellness & mindfulness. She’s been teaching yoga for more than 10 years & offers accessible, all-levels classes with an emphasis on breath & tuning into your body. All are welcome and she looks forward to seeing you on the mat.
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Carly Gillis

Carly has been teaching yoga and group fitness for the past five years and she is as dynamic as they come when it comes to teaching style! She teaches a variety of yoga styles including flow and yin, plus barre, pilates, fusion fitness, kickboxing, bootcamps, and even HIIT workouts. Prior to teaching in a group yoga and fitness setting, she was teaching health and physical education to middle school students!
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