Zero dB Focus+ Calm, 355mL


Zero dB Focus + Calm sparkling fruit-juice tonic is powered by botanical nootropics selected by Canadian neuroscientists and designed to help you manage stress and anxiety.

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The unique ability of our Zero dB beverages to help you manage daily stress and to improve focus comes from the combination of five specific species of plants. We blend two varieties of organic hops, organic liquorice root, organic echinacea and organic cacao extracts to deliver unmatched therapeutic benefits.

+Calm contains added organic Schisandra and Magnesium for an extra calming effect.

Drink when you want to quiet mental noise, improve your focus and own your day!


Filtered water, organic cherry juice from concentrate (water, organic cherry juice concentrate), organic raw cane sugar, natural flavors, organic hops extract, vitamin and mineral blend (magnesium citrate, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)), organic schisandra extract, organic echinacea extract, potassium citrate, citric acid, organic licorice root extract, organic cacao extract, organic stevia.

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