Yofiit Chickpea Milk Original, 946mL


❤️No plant milk froths better!
The most nutritious milk alternative with 10x more protein than others. 

• 10G of protein| 1000 MG of omega 3 | ZERO GUM | ZERO SUGAR

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• How does it taste? Not like chickpeas. A little nutty feel.

• Chill it first. Try 1, 2, 3 sips and you will start digging it

or you can…
👉 Add it to smoothies for a boost, no need for a gritty protein powder
👉Add it to baking, cooking, chia pudding, overnight oats
👉Use it post workout to recover fast
👉 Give it to little ones as a rich soy-free alternative


Chickpea base (water, organic ground chickpea), non GMO pea protein, organic flax seed oil, natural flavor, vitamin blend (calcium, D, B12),  monk fruit juice concentrate, vanilla extract, sea salt

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