TVGC - Cheddah Cheese


The ultimate ‘meltdown’.

Meet your new cheese BFF—a milder cheddar for anytime you want something to taste “cheezie”. Its smooth, creamy texture is perfect for crackers, sandwiches or a milder nacho sauce for chip dipping or veggie slathering!

Use their plant-based cheese blocks like you would cheese. Because they’re made naturally firm with oils, they melt and are very versatile:

Slice when cold for crackers and sandwiches
Use as a creamy spread when softened to room temperature

In stock

In stock


Cashews, Water, Coconut oil, Nutritional yeast, Organic chickpea miso (organic rice koji, organic chickpeas, sea salt, water), Sea salt, Dried bell pepper, Onion powder, Mustard Powder, Lactic acid, Cultures.