snak Peanut Butter Power Bars 57g


Our Power Bar is packed with Fredericton-grown plant-based protein, making it the perfect way to fuel up or fight off your hunger. Made with just a few powerful plant-based ingredients, we’ve got you covered.

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No Dairy

No dairy also means we’re using all totally plant-based (vegan) ingredients. Our chocolate (all our products) contains no dairy and is still super creamy and delicious!

No Gluten

We have no gluten because we’re using whole oats and no other grains. We want our ingredients to do the most work for us with the least amount of work involved. Oats are full of protein, fiber and nutrients that fills us up with one easy bite.


GMO means Genetically modified ingredients, we choose non-gmo because we want our ingredients to be natural without preservatives that our bodies don’t need. We’re going beyond this too, because soon our products will be completely Organic! Right now you can find that most of our ingredients are organic, but soon it will be all of them!

Find us in the fridge

You’ll find us in the fridge because of our no nonsense promise; no preservatives means we use the fridge to keep our snaks perfectly fresh for you!



  • Dates

  • Organic Oats

  • Organic Hemp Protein

  • Pure Sea Salt

  • Organic Almonds

  • Organic Peanuts

  • Dairy-Free Chocolate

  • Coconut Oil

  • Cinnamon