Similasan – Ear Wax Removal Kit, 10ml


Similasan Ear Wax Removal Kit can help temporarily relieve your discomfort by removing excessive ear wax while cleaning the ear. It helps naturally maintain normal wax levels without harsh peroxide. Ear Wax Relief ear drops stimulate the body’s natural ability to reduce ear wax congestion, while the bulb syringe flushes excess wax and cleans the ear. Now you can relieve that clogged sensation, ringing and itching in the ear canal without drying your ear.

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– Non-Drying
– Peroxide Free
– Alcohol Free
– Gluten & Dairy Free
– Cleans Ear
– Removes Ear Wax
– Latex free bulb syringe


Medicinal ingredients: Causticum, Hahnemann’s causticum (calcium hydroxide and potassium bisulfate)12X; Lachesis mutus, Bushmaster (venom) 12X; Lycopodium clavatum, Clubmoss (spores) 12X; Graphites, Graphite (graphite powder) 15X   

Non-medicinal ingredients: Vegetable glycerin

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