Schar – Panettone 420g (SEASONAL ITEM)


Gluten Free, No Nuts Added, No Oat Added, No Sesame Added, No Soya Added, Palm Oil Free, Wheat Free, Vegetarian.

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Gluten free panettone made the traditional way. Sweet, citrusy, boozy and absolutely perfect for Christmas.

While a panettone is not just for Christmas, Christmas is just not Christmas without a panettone. The light and fluffy crumb that’s steeped in citrus and vanilla flavours and filled with candied fruit brings an extra boost to the season’s heady flavours. This gluten free panettone recipe takes things up a notch by soaking the raisins and candied fruit in rum before mixing them in for an even more exhilarating effect. Perfect for a boozy Boxing Day brunch.

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