Pure Kitchen & Bathroom: Peppermint, 500ml


Pure’s Kitchen + Bath product can be used anywhere in the home.

This product naturally cleanses with peppermint. It smells fresh! This highly versatile cleaner dissolves tough grease and stains. It deodorizes without rinsing and above all, without leaving a trace.

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Aqua, Laureth-9 agent (cleaning agent from vegetable source), Propylene glycol n-butylether (wetting agent from vegetable source), Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid monoethanolamine salt (synthetic and biodegradable cleaning agent), Trisodium methylglycine diacetic acid (chelating agent from vegetable source ), Dipropylene glycol mono methyl ether (wetting agent from plant source), Sodium lauriminodipropionate (cleaning agent from plant source), Sodium hydroxide (mineral pH adjuster), Fragrance/Parfum (mix containing at least 50% natural essential oils and sometimes synthetic fragrances always without harmful chemicals)

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