Proxies – Red Clay Non-Alcoholic Wine, 750mL

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For backyard burgers and white tablecloths alike. Juicy, yet captivatingly complex. Tart, tannic, and medium-bodied, with a warm lingering finish.

Fruit: Pinot Noir, Cherry, Blackberry

Acidity: Verjus, Cranberry

Spice: Hops, Burdock, Ginger

Body: Black Tea, Elderberry

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Pair with charcuterie, roast duck, wild mushrooms, medium-rare burgers, and a decked out harvest table.

Serving Size: 5 fl oz (150mL)
40 Calories per Serving

Sodium 2mg
Carbs 6g
Sugars 6g


Filtered Water, Pinot Noir Grapes, Verjus, Blackberry Concentrate, Cherry Concentrate, Fermented Ginger, Vegetable Glycerin, Cranberry Vinegar (Cranberry Concentrate, Vinegar), Tea Blend (Yunnan Black, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Butterfly Pea Flower), Sea Salt, Tartaric Acid, Aromatic Extract Blend (Cinnamon, Burdock Root, Citra Hops), Wine Tannin. Contains sulfites.

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