Pacifica Flower Moon Spray Perfume - 29mL


The Flower Moon is known to inspire passion, creativity and pure bliss, just like flowers (and you). Our Flower Moon Spray Perfume is a sultry blend of jasmine, peach and vanilla with other white florals to add a slightly musky moment without the musk.

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This sensual combination of deeply layered notes is designed transport you to the stars, leaving you (and those in your presence) in euphoric bliss.

The Moon Meaning: Full Moon. Passion, creativity and bliss.
The Moon Mood: Euphoria. Jasmine, for sensuality. Peach, for tenderness. Vanilla, for Passion.

Ingredients We Love

  • Corn grain alcohol, natural and/or essential oils


Spray all over your beautiful body day, night and anytime you want to smell amazing. 


alcohol denat.*, parfum*, aqua.

*our scent blend with natural and/or essential oils