Organic Traditions Chlorella Powder – 150g


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Formulated by Organic Traditions, Chlorella Powder is a nutrient packed algae. Providing a vegetarian source of protein, clacium, iron, vitamin A, B12 & C, Chlorella powder enhances any morning smoothie. Organic Tradiitons Cholrella undergoes proprietary Low Pressure Expansion Technology (LPET) that breaks the cell wall within 3 seconds with a low temperature, high pressure process in order to maintain the integrity of Chlorellas delicate nutrients. Digestibility and absorption are increased up to 80% compared to traditionally processed Chlorella. Organic Traditions offers the cleanest, safest, third party tested Chlorella in the industry. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing in order to ensure that our Chlorella is free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. Organic Traditions Chlorella is cultivated in a clean environment using pure mountain spring water and sufficient natural sunlight in order to increase the naturally occurring Chlorella Growth Factor and chlorophyll that depend on sunlight. Fresh spring water enhances uptake of minerals in order to ensure the great nutrition that Chlorella is known for.


Organic broken cell wall Chlorella powder.






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