Natura Soy – Man Candle Spiced Rum


Settle back and relax to the mesmerizing crackle & flicker of the wood wick and masculine natural scents with our Wood Wick Candles.

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Why Woodwick Candles:

Awesome gift for any special guy in your life

One-of-a-kind masculine scent blended with all natural essential oils

Wooden wick for an earthy look and a soothing campfire crackle


60+ hours of luxurious burn time per Wood Wick Soy Candle

13 oz of unique masculine scent

Bamboo Lid to complete the look and make for a completely reusable jar afterwards (Imagine your Spice cabinet elevated with these!)

You’ll love the natural flame & crackle of these wicks!


It is recommended to ensure that your first burn is always to a full melt pool (wax melted to the edge of the jar), usually about 1.5 – 2 hrs. This helps to prevent the candle wax from tunneling.

Always trim your wick! Wood wicks need to be short and level. Regular trims will extend the life of your candle.

If your flame is ever too big, blow it out, trim it and relight for a proper flame

Do not pour wax out, or dig around wick to improve the height of your flame.

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