Mash Gang – Rad Tropical XPA, 440mL

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Juicy, Fluffy, Hazy

With Mash Gang RAD Tropical XPA Fruited Hazy pale expect big tropical hops, assertive but round bitterness, Juicy, Tropical, Hoppy

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440 mL

RAD. A small-batch brew where we use the same base as Chug (the OG Mash Gang XPA), but add a whole lot more hops, and just a bit too much Mango and Passionfruit to push it over the edge. We’ve always loved doing experimental brews. If you like them hazy, fruity, and juicy, then this is for you.


Water, rye, wheat, oats, malted barley, maltodextrin, mango, and passionfruit juice, hops, yeast, chili, potassium sorbate, natural flavoring, yerba mate.

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