Living Alchemy Zinc Alive, 60 Capsules


Koji Fermented Zinc Alive is clinically proven to help increase energy at a cellular level, while promoting healing, enhancing metabolism, skin, and immunity; all with no unwanted side effects.

⨁ Supports immunity
⨁ Increases energy and metabolism
⨁ Improves cellular health
⨁ Healthy formation of bones, skin, hair and nails

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The koji fermentation method has been used in Japan for 2,000 years to preserve and enrich foods while also supporting general wellbeing & longevity.

Koji fermentation has been clinically shown to release certain minerals more slowly for increased absorption and effectiveness.


Fermented ingredients provide the gut with a diverse microbiome and improve digestion, boost the immune system, and protect against disease.

That’s why our products contain a variety of live microorganisms to help promote diversity and support a healthy gut microbiome.


right icon 8244902e f0ca 44b2 a206 e998342a0721Fermented Whole Food Mineral
right icon 8244902e f0ca 44b2 a206 e998342a0721Includes Essential Whole Food Cofactors
right icon 8244902e f0ca 44b2 a206 e998342a0721Gentle on the Stomach
right icon 8244902e f0ca 44b2 a206 e998342a0721Naturally Slow Release
right icon 8244902e f0ca 44b2 a206 e998342a0721No Unwanted Side Effects
right icon 8244902e f0ca 44b2 a206 e998342a0721Highly Absorbable


Medicinal Ingredients: Koji Fermented Zinc (13mg)

Supporting Herbs:
Organic Coriander (100mg)
Organic Acerola Cherry (50mg)

Non Medicinal Ingredients:

Organic Pullulan Capsules (Organic Pullulan Starch, Water)


Adults: Take 1 capsule 1-2 times per day with or without food


Keep out of reach of children.

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