LIVA - Raw Date Syrup - 400g


  • Delicious and Dissolvable LIVA Pure Date Syrup is decadent, divine and satisfyingly guilt-free.
  • For those with a desire for a healthier alternative to most syrups and honey, LIVA brand raw date syrup is a natural, organic pure alternative that has functional benefits including fibre, minerals, vitamins and a low Glycemic Index (GI)
  • Freely enjoy and indulge in life’s sweet little pleasures like having breakfast on the patio, sipping your favourite summer drink in your garden or enjoying it in one of our LIVA Pure Date Syrup recipes with your family.
  • Made of only two key ingredients, raw organic dehydrated dates and love.
  • LIVA Pure Date Syrup has a caramel-like flavour and is most often used as a 1-1 replacement for sugar in coffee, tea, lattes, smoothies, cold drinks or as a syrup in your dressings or over your favourite foods like pancakes, crepes, waffles, ice cream, gelato, toast, fruit and desserts.

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