La Luna – Kyoto: Cedarwood Trail Candle 300g


Kyoto, the ancient magical capital, seduces you with its traditional environment, as well as the presence of countless temples and Japanese gardens which are home to many species of cherry trees and cedars, sacred trees in Japan.

Our round and warm Cedarwood Trail scent will take you not far from Kyoto where you can stroll through immense cedar forests planted along the hills.

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We wanted to turn this object from everyday life into a unique, timeless product that speaks to you, which makes you vibrate, which reminds you of the places … and recreated emotions.

The “Immobile Travel” collection is an invitation to travel. Destined for travelers in the soul, it will take you to the odors of these cities or places or emotions will be born for a moment of pleasure and peace. Traveling is to live!

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