La Luna - Beijing: Pear & Ginger Candle 300g


Stone Dragon, shield of the world, this long snake of bricks and stones of 20 000 km was composed by Men. Nothing stops it, it follows the living nature in its smallest detours.

Scents of the Orient, our perfume combines the soft and sweet Pear with the delicate spice of Ginger for those who dream of trips to China

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In stock


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We wanted to turn this object from everyday life into a unique, timeless product that speaks to you, which makes you vibrate, which reminds you of the places … and recreated emotions.

The “Immobile Travel” collection is an invitation to travel. Destined for travelers in the soul, it will take you to the odors of these cities or places or emotions will be born for a moment of pleasure and peace. Traveling is to live!