Just Us! Seven Sacred Teachings Dark Roast Ground 340g


Lorraine Whitman, an Elder of the Glooscap First Nation, approached Just Us! Coffee in 2017 to work on a coffee to help bring respect and support during turbulent times.

Here’s why:
1. “I believe in fair trade and making one’s dreams become a reality. Women in other countries may not have the political support or backing whether it be financial or moral.”

2. “Empowering Indigenous women, as I am one myself I realize the barriers and challenges we as indigenous women face more than what non-Indigenous women may encounter – racism, discrimination, having our children taken away and our culture attacked for no reason other than our race.”

3. “Giving Indigenous women and their families around the world a quality of life that we in Canada have; one of respect and ownership of our life journey which we control.”

4. “Most of all, recognizing that we are important, valuable people and that we have a lot to offer the world. We are the Water Keepers and we should be respected as we are the only ones that can bring a living spirit to this world.”
Flavour Description
Roasty, Cocoa, Black Pepper

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