Jelly Belly - Organic Smoothie Jelly Beans, 53g


Blended fruit drinks are all the rage, and these refreshing flavour combinations take their inspiration from incredibly delicious concoctions. Sweet and tangy with just a hint of a creamy smoothness. Available with Cherry Passion Fruit, Mandarin Orange Mango, Mixed Berry, Pineapple Pear and Strawberry Banana.

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In stock


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organic sugar, organic glucose syrup, citrus pectin, citric acid, natural flavours, tricalcium phosphate, organic rice starch, organic flavours (cherry, peach, banana), sodium citrate, potassium citrate, shellac,  organic apple concentrate,  organic red raspberry puree, organic banana puree, organic orange juice concentrate, organic peach juice concentrate, organic pineapple fruit juice concentrate, organic annatto extract,  organic pumpkin concentrate, organic beeswax, organic radish concentrate, organic carrot concentrate, organic carnauba wax, organic caramel, organic black currant concentrate.


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