If You Care Tall Kitchen Bags 13 Gallon- 12 bags


Approximately 80 million tons of waste (U.S. EPA figures) which goes to landfill annually is material which under the right conditions, can be turned into compost, including food scraps, yard trimmings and non-recyclable paper. In a landfill environment, this trapped organic material (leaves, grass etc.) releases methane gas – a greenhouse gas – contributing to global warming. Diverting food scraps and yard trimmings from landfill to compost facilities – either municipal or commercial in areas where available – contributes significantly to preserving our planet and natural resources.

If You Care Compostable Trash Bags are completely polyethylene free and do not contain plasticizers.

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Potato Startch from non-GMO startch potatos, blended with fully compostable polymer. No plasticizers.


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