HP Single Malt – Whisky Single Malt, 750mL


This Single Malt Whisky from HP Juniper is distilled in a copper pot and made by hand. This whisky is fruity with notes of ripe apples, dried fruits and a touch of anise.

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HP is the only distilled non-alcoholic spirit in Canada.

Tasting Notes:

HP Single Malt Whisky brings a savoury smoky taste to your creations. With malt from Scotland, this classic spirit is sure to satisfy your senses and warm your palate.

Best Enjoyed:

Mixed with ginger ale or cola over ice.

0.5% Alcohol


Water, Malt Distillate,
Natural flavours, Maltodextrine,
Citric acid, Potassium sorbate,
Sodium benzoate, Caramel

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