HP Juniper – Gin & Tonic Floral, 355mL


HP Juniper Floral is handmade in small batches in Quebec, using locally sourced natural ingredients, including rose, hibiscus, eucalyptus, cucumber flowers, and of course, juniper berries! With its low sugar content, it is the perfect spirit for flawless alcohol-free Gin & Tonics and other cocktail recipes. Ideal for anyone who’s health conscious but still enjoys the finer things in life.

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The convergence of traditions: alcohol-free distillation technique, traditional copper alembic stills, traditional crafting using natural botanicals.

Tasting Notes:

Expect notes of rose, violet, and cucumber. The palate and finish are silky with a sweet bitterness.

Best Enjoyed:

Enjoy chilled from the can or poured over ice in a glass.


Vegan and Gluten-Free



Carbonated water, Cane sugar,
Citric acid, Natural flavor, Quinine, Natural
grape skin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium

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