GT’s ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixar: Cola, 480mL


The refreshing zing of organic kola and spice with light black tea.

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A macro-dose of mushroom magic with a potent trio of adaptogenic mushrooms. Infused in purposeful teas offered in iconic, uplifting flavors to fortify and sustain better health for longer.

Bring your body into healthy harmony with the holistic influence of ancient, Ayuverdic tradition. Our 1800mg functional dose of Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms fortify immunity daily, help achieve and regulate homeostasis, and support the body’s natural ability to adapt to stressors through the ritualistic use of adaptogens.


Adaptogenic mushroom infusion (reishi, chaga, turkey tail), black tea, apple cider vinegar*, fresh pressed apple juice*, fresh pressed lime juice*, cinnamon*, erythritol*, cane sugar*, vanilla extract, kola nut, sea salt*, black pepper, stevia*, and 100% pure love!!!

*Organically produced.