Go Bio Food Organic Bouillon Cubes: Chicken No Salt Added-


Organic bouillon cubes are sure to bring inspiration to your kitchen. Made with the best organic ingredients, our range of flavours and dietary options make it simple for people to prepare great-tasting, better-for-you meals at home. Make it organic with GoBio!

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Bouillon, or stock, is the strained liquid from a broth made with vegetables or meat. Bouillon cubes contain compressed, dehydrated bouillon, and must be dissolved in hot liquid before use. Use bouillon as a base for soups and sauces, and to add flavour to various dishes.


Gluten Free

No Salt Added


Ingredients: Non-GMO corn starch,* Non-hydrogenated palm oil,* Onion,* Parsnip,* Chicken meat powder,* Lovage,* Rosemary,* Thyme,* Chicken fat,*Turmeric,*Garlic,*Nutmeg,*Yeast extract, Natural chicken flavouring, Rosemary extract*. (*organic)

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