Gingerbug, Ginger Beer – Original, 355ml


A ‘ginger bug’ is a wild, lacto-fermented starter culture (a collection of beneficial bacteria and wild yeast) that is used to initiate the fermentation process for authentic, probiotic, ginger beer, like ours. It is a pretty famous concoction amongst fermenters, and is used to make wild fermented sodas.

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To brew their ginger beer, they start by making a ‘ginger bug’, using organic ginger root, organic cane sugar and water, combined in a glass vessel. Then, as a result of the naturally occurring wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria found in the air and on the ginger root itself, these microorganisms break down the sugar into lactic acid and carbon dioxide and result in a probiotic, effervescent substance: the ginger bug.

They add a portion of ginger bug starter to each batch of the ginger beer brew, supplying each and every batch with the boost of life that it needs to transform into a delicious, probiotic ginger beer.


Water, organic cane sugar, organic ginger, organic lemon juice.

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