Flora Maria’s Swedish Bitters; 100mL


The modern diet is often lacking in one of its four cornerstones – bitter foods. Bitterness plays an important role in digestion, stimulating bile production, breaking down fats, lessening feelings of fullness or gas, and promoting regularity. If you struggle with digestive issues, we’ve got news: this bitter truth can be easy to swallow (and can improve your digestive health). Maria’s Swedish Bitters, developed by Austrian herbalist Maria Treben, is a natural tonic that blends traditional herbs that have been used for generations to fill the bitter void and ease digestion.

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medicinal ingredients: angelica root, zedoary root, aloe leaf, mana sap, rhubarb root, senna leaf, myrrh resin, carline thistle root, camphor wood, valerian root, cinnamon bark, cardamom seed, saffron flower; non-medicinal ingredietns: water and citric acid


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