Edenvale – Non- Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon, 750mL

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Intense blackberry, blackcurrant, and cedar flavours mingle with the scent of fresh blueberry in this smooth, wellstructured red wine.


Our Cabernet Sauvignon, with its layered fruit-filled palate, is a delicious match with hard cheeses and red meats. We suggest trying it with roast beef, lamb shanks, hamburgers or a juicy steak

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Founded in 2006, Edenvale is the award-winning producer of the largest non-alcoholic wine collection globally. Their Classic collection is grown and harvested on the banks of the Murray River, offering the same taste, aroma, complexity, and variety of traditional Spanish wines. The region, known for the hot, arid climate, with very low annual rainfall and sandy loam dunes resting on lime and alluvial clay layers yields a consistent supply of clean, approachable wines. Using certified sustainable practises and advanced spinning cone technology to dealcoholise wine.

Gluten Free


Less than 0.5% Alcohol


De-alcoholised wine (94% approx.) grape juice concentrate (6% approx.) Less than 0.5% alcohol. Contains sulphites. Certified Sustainable Vineyard. Gluten-Free.

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