DOMO Cold Blaster Micro-Ground Elixo Tea 120g


There is a reason this unique tea has such a loyal following. Not found anywhere else, this tea will bring you back to life…okay, maybe from a stuffy nose and sore throat. This is the feel-good tea

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DOMO™ Elixo Rooibos Tea packs the punch of real Cayenne Pepper and strong Citrus Overtones. It also features Camu Camu (so nice you have to say it twice) and Turmeric. It is lightly enhanced with organic cane sugar. Made with real, micro-ground Rooibos Tea and spices! Best enjoyed with a foamed orange-juice topper.

Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free, perfect for a nighttime routine.

Micro-ground tea is healthier than regular steeped tea because you consume the entire leaf. This has the added benefit of no tea-bag waste and reduced clean-up as there are no diffusers necessary!


Organic cane sugar, natural citrus flavour, micro-ground rooibos tea leaves, ground ginger, camu camu, citric acid, cayenne pepper, tumeric

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