Divine Essence – Organic Hazelnut 100ml


Corylus avellana

An extraordinary softening agent which is hydrating, purifying and a sebum stabilizer; it also renders skin more supple. Hazelnut beauty oil is a hydrating skin softener. It soothes problematic and acne-prone skin because it deeply penetrates and leaves no greasy residue. It is particularly suitable for oily skin types because it helps re-balance PH. By rendering skin more supple and hydrated, hazelnut beauty oil prevents and helps heal stretch marks and scars.

Promotes balance for combination and oily skin. Smoothes and softens the skin. Non-comedogenic. For combination to oily skin.

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  • BOTANICAL NAME            Corylus avellana
  • PART OF PLANT                 Nut
  • ORIGIN                              Spain – Due to possible supply chain disruptions, the origin of this product may change at any time without further notice.
  • CULTURE                            Organic, certified by ECOCERT® COSMOS (30ml & 100ml) and ECOCERT® CANADA (500ml & 1000ml)
  • OTHER NAME                    Common hazel
  • EXTRACTION METHOD     Cold pressed
  • ODOUR                             Hazelnut, fragrant
  • COLOUR                            Clear yellow to amber yellow


Ingredients: Corylus Avellana Nut Oil*, Tocopherol (Vit. E) 0.3%. 100% of total ingredients are from natural origin. *99.7% of total ingredients are from Organic farming.


Apply directly to the skin. Before applying makeup, use hazelnut oil as a foundation. It is also an excellent base prior to a massage. In general, Hazelnut oil helps dilute the power of essential oils when used topically as, for example, when mixed with massage oils.


For external use only.

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