Divine Essence Organic Avocado Oil – 100mL


A fruit tree native to Central America and Mexico, the Avocado tree is one of the slowpokes of the natural world. If it manages to reach a height of more than 10 meters by maturity, it will produce its first fruit when around five or six years old. The vegetable oil is obtained through cold-pressing of the fruit itself. Avocado beauty oil is heralded in cosmetics for its nourishing and restorative action. Particularly suited to fragile or dry skin types, it gently but deeply nourishes the skin. Avocado beauty oil is your friend in weather extremes, protecting against strong winds and extreme cold. Use it as a hand or hair cream as it fights dryness. Repairs and revitalizes skin, hair and nails.

In stock

In stock


Persea gratissima Oil*, Tocopherol (Vit. E) 0.3%. 100% of total ingredients are from natural origin. *99.7% of total ingredients are from Organic farming.


Apply pure to the skin, hair or nails. May be used on all skin types especially dry or dehydrated skin. Add essential oils to create your own favourite anti-age cream.


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