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Hi-Po Emulsi-D3™ is a concentrated, highly bioavailable liquid vitamin D formulation offering a broad range of dosage and titration possibilities. Unlike most other liquid vitamin D products available, Hi-Po Emulsi-D3™ is a convenient, pleasant-tasting and easily mixable formula. A natural emulsion technology allows for the production of 2,000 IU per drop that quickly and completely disperses in liquid. This cutting-edge technology provides enhanced bioavailability, utilizing only naturally derived ingredients that are free of preservatives and synthetic surfactants. Presented in a 1-ounce glass bottle, Hi-Po Emulsi-D3™ makes dosing vitamin D convenient. It can be dropped into any beverage or simply on the tongue, and it provides accurate dosing one drop at a time.


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Functions of vitamin D*:

• Supports bone and hard tissue health

• Helps regulate gene expression and cellular differentiation

• Helps regulate phosphorus balance in the body

• Supports brain health and development

• Helps maintain immune system balance

Although it’s considered a vitamin, vitamin D acts more like a hormone in the body, with influences on a broad array of tissues and biochemical processes. This nutrient is critical for a healthy immune system and strong bones, but its functions go far beyond this. Vitamin D receptors are found throughout the body and have been shown to influence the expression of thousands of genes, as well as having an influence on healthy brain function, including playing a role in cognitive function and supporting balanced moods and a positive mental outlook. Vitamin D helps regulate the body’s calcium levels. When calcium levels are low, vitamin D stimulates calcium absorption and reduces calcium excretion, thereby encouraging healthy bones and teeth.* Healthy prostate, colon, and breast tissues are also supported by vitamin D.* A significant proportion of people in North America have suboptimal levels of vitamin D. Several factors contribute to this, such as avoidance of sun exposure, older age (the elderly have reduced capacity to synthesize vitamin D in the skin upon exposure to UVB radiation and are more likely to stay indoors or use sunscreen), gastrointestinal and digestive conditions that affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and various health and lifestyle issues that interfere with vitamin D absorption or increase the need for vitamin D. Additionally, modern diets are typically low in vitamin D-rich foods that were once a more regular part of people’s diets, such as fatty fish, cod liver oil and lard from pasture-raised pigs. Vitamin D2 is the form typically used in fortified foods, but evidence indicates that D3 (as is found in Hi-Po Emulsi-D3™) is more effective for increasing and maintaining a healthy vitamin D level in the blood.




Each Drop contains:
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)
2000 IU (50mcg)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, water, vitamin E, medium chain triglycerides.


Suggested Dose: Adults: Take 1 drop per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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