Cove Gut Healthy Soda, Grape

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“Satisfy your grape soda nostalgia with the full-flavour, functional, zero-sugar soda. Natural flavoured and coloured with butterfly pea flower to give you that antioxidant boost. It tastes like your childhood, but we’ll let you try for yourself”

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Filtered water, cove natural sweetener blend (organic erythritol, organic stevia), Organic lemon juice concentrate, organic grape flavour, organic grape juice concentrate, Cove Gut Healthy blend (organic turmeric concentrate, pink Himalayan salt, organic guar guar(prebiotic), ascorbic acid (vitamin c), bacillus subtilus DE111 (probiotic), bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 (probiotic), tataric acid (from grapes), beet juice concentrate (for color)

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