Connected Craft Beverages – Orange Chai Kombucha, 500mL


This 500mL limited edition flavour is sure to dazzle crowds. A delicious mixture of orange, chai and vanilla makes this a staple for any holiday gathering.

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At Connected Craft, we want to push the boundaries on what is considered to be possible with kombucha. We aim for a well-balanced aroma and flavour that is then filtered to yield an appealing clarity. Our goal is to turn the tide on kombucha’s reputation and prove that this healthy drink can also smell and taste great!

For those looking for a break from alcohol, we are looking to break into the market as a sleek and simplistic non-alcoholic alternative that is still great to bring to a party… Don’t worry, it also mixes very well!


Water, kombucha culture (yeast and bacteria cultures), sugar, apple cider vinegar, chai tea, orange zest.

May contain trace amounts of alcohol and/or caffeine, not intended for consumption by children or if pregnant.

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