Colibri – Spumante, 750mL


750ml – free to fly

Elegant pale straw yellow colour. on the nose, it reveals scents of fruity aromas of sliced and crisp green apples and white flowers. On the palate, you can taste juicy white fruits together with the vibrant acidity that well balance the sweetness.

Organically grown and a sustainable environmental approach, Colibri wines are developed with care and gentleness from the highest quality grapes from the best sites.

Region: Italy
Varietal: 100% Glera
Alcohol: 0% by volume

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Low intervention production allows Colibri to maintain and express in the wine the natural characteristics of the grape varieties as well as the territory where we produce them. All of their wines are spontaneously fermented in stainless steel tanks and they are then removed from alcohol through a gentle membrane dealcoholization technology that doesn’t alter the quality of the wines and preserves their original colour, structure and aromas. Thanks to that they don’t need to add to their wines any artificial colours or flavours.

0 alcohol – full flavour


grape must, added carbon dioxide, potassium bisulphite, dimethylcarbonate

Nutrition Facts

Per serving (188ml)

40 cal, 8g sugar

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