Clever Mocktails Non Alcoholic Mojito, 355, mL

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Our Clever Mojito begins with an infusion of two types of mint: sweet mint and peppermint. This combination imparts the mint flavor without bitterness. Just before distilling, lime peels are added to obtain a fresh and aromatic infusion. We wrap up our mocktail with 100% natural flavors to bring the rum notes you would recognize in the alcoholic mojito previously enjoyed on your favorite beach or patio!

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It’s said that the best mint makes for the best mojito! That’s why we infuse our’s with exceptional quality spearmint and peppermint, real lime juice and dark rum aromas. A truly clever cocktail!

Gluten Free

0% ALC./VOL.



Ingredients: Carbonated water, Infused botanical extracts (spearmint, peppermint, lime peels), Sugar, Lime juice from concentrate, Natural flavours, Citric acid.

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