CanPrev Magnesium Bisglycinate 200 GENTLE – 120 VCAPS

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Magnesium BisGlycinate 200 is a premium magnesium supplement providing a highly absorbable dose of 200mg of pure elemental magnesium. Magnesium BisGlycinate 200 contains up to twenty percent (20%) more elemental magnesium than other magnesium supplements and can be up to five (5) times more absorbable. the bisglycinate form of magnesium is easy and gentle on the bowels.

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Each Capsule Contains:200mg Magnesium (magnesium bis-glycinate blend – glycine, magnesium oxide, magnesium bis-glycinate chelate)
Other Ingredients:
Vegetable-grade magnesium stearate, vegetable capsule.


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