Canadian Heritage Organics Maple Syrup, Canadian Grade A Amber Rich Taste, 250mL


Let’s face it, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s a soft spot in your heart for good, authentic maple syrup. But you don’t just want any old maple syrup to sweeten you up, you want the good stuff. Canadian Heritage Organics maple syrups are just that! Certified as gluten-free and kosher, these organic maple syrups are absolutely delicious. Collected using the best possible methods, the natural flavours are maintained by the omission of any chemicals, as well as excluding any artificial colours, additives or preservatives.


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In stock

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Canadian Heritage Organics organic maple products respect the organic farming processes: manufactured naturally with absolutely no artificial additives, coloring, preservatives or chemicals.

Canadian Heritage Organics products are made in the Appalaches region of Quebec where the mineral content of the soil is ideal for making maple syrup. With three generations of craftsmanship, our maple products are collected using traditional farming techniques as well as with the Pipeline Method. This allows us to ensure that we are making the highest quality maple syrup possible.


 Pure organic maple syrup