Bulk Organic Fruit Gummy Bears, 200g


Tootsi’s organic fruit gummies are candies made from pure fruit concentrates, without the addition of any artificial flavours or colours. Unlike most traditional gummies.

Tootsi’s organic fruit gummies are gelatin-free, certified organic and filled with all the vitamins of real fruit. With their soft, chewy texture, and authentic taste, these candies make a genuine treat to share and carry around.

* Please note we will do our best to match product supplied to the weight requested, but actual product delivered may weigh slightly more or less.


glucose syrup*, cane sugar* (unrefined), gelling agent (pectin), fruit juice concentrates* 3,7% (apple* 0,9%, orange* 0,77%, lemon* 0,52%, black currant* 0,51%, raspberry* 0,5%, pineapple* 0,5%), acidulant (citric acid), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), colouring fruit and plant extracts (alga, safflower, pumpkin*, apple*, carrot*, elderberry*), natural flavours, coating agent* (carnauba wax*). *= organic


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