Bulk Certified Organic Safari Mix, 200g


* Please note we will do our best to match product supplied to the weight requested, but actual product delivered may weigh slightly more or less.


Escape with our Organic Safari Mix: an enticing, fine blend of dried fruit, seeds, and nuts to satisfy your cravings. An all-organic toss of dark, plump raisins, rich pumpkin seeds, luxurious cashews, and creamy almonds. A delicious, nutritious, and colorful mix that will keep you energized and satisfied between meals or physical activities.

We love mixing fruits, nuts, and seeds together to bring you the best in nutrition. While nuts and seeds are high in antioxidants, protein, and fiber, dried fruit is concentrated with vitamins and minerals. Blends like our Organic Safari Mix help provide the essential nutrition our bodies need in order to function their best on a daily basis!


Organic raisins (organic raisins, organic sunflower oil), Organic pumpkin seeds, Organic almonds, Organic cashews.



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