Bone Brewhouse Pho-Flavoured Chicken broth – 600mL


This delicious, aromatic, perfectly spiced broth is great for sipping. Or, create a protein-packed version of your favourite Vietnamese-inspired soup by simply adding rice noodles. What’s more, it’s low in calories and packed with protein, making it highly satisfying.

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From the classically seasoned Traditional flavour to the exotic Pho, our frozen bone broths are delicious to sip on their own, or to use as a healthful boost in your favourite recipe. Simmered up to 24 hours in small batch kettles using sustainable sourced bones and immediately frozen to lock in the goodness, we make it easy to enjoy home-made, gel-rich broths anytime.


Chicken Stock (water, chicken bones, cider vinegar), onion, ginger root, fish sauce (anchovies, water, salt, sugar), coriander, cinnamon, star anise, cloves

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