Benjamin Bridge Piquette Zero 250ml

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  • Piquette Zero is a lively and delicious alcohol-free wine-style beverage, offering a creative and unprecedented craft option to industrially dealcoholized wines that are so often stripped of their character.
  • In the glass, a scintillating golden sapphire colour with a blond hue. The nose is vibrantly aromatic, with zesty suggestions of bergamot, key lime, yuzu, blood orange peel and lemon preserve. The palate is equally vivacious and channelling a citrus grove, yet combined with delicate fruit bitter undertones and the balancing texture of tart cherries. Not identical to wine, this new sensory experience is to be discovered for its own unique deliciousness.

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Mineral water, glycerin, citric acid, grape extract (tannins), hops, sea salt, natural flavour


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