Attitude – Body Soap Bar: Orange Cardamom, 113g


Turn shower time into a luxurious eco-experience thanks to our new leaves bar™ body soaps. Their rich, foamy lather and indulgent fragrances will shower your skin with ultimate bliss. Packaged in plastic-free cardboard boxes, these beauty bars are our gift to you – and the planet.

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Out of stock


Ready for a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your home? If so, get your hands on our new ATTITUDE leaves bar™ Body Soap – Orange Cardamom. This decadent sudsy soap creates a creamy lather with a zesty and reviving orange cardamom scent. EWG VERIFIED™ and vegan, our waterless formula is crafted with olive and coconut oil to nourish, as well as Indian Cress and watercress super leaves extracts for enhanced performance. A great addition to your plastic-free, clean beauty ritual; our concentrated formula comes wrapped in a luxurious zero-waste, recyclable cardboard box Who knew a bar soap could do so much?

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