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About Us

We’re Sarah (she/her) and Will (he/him). When we left our day jobs to open Luminate Co in 2019, we could never have anticipated the remarkable outpouring of community that would rally around us in their pursuit of holistic health, delicious foods, and wellness experts. A few years later, we’re stronger than ever, and our gratitude for being included in your wellness journey (and to include you in ours) continues to grow.

We believe in

We believe in kindness, community, and sustainability above all. We know that wellness is a lifetime journey that looks different for everyone, and our inclusive, person-centred approach is infused into every nook and cranny that exists under our roof.

we’re here for

From our market to our wellness clinic to our studio, it’s a mission we carry forth with boldness each and every day, alongside our incredible team of staff and specialists. Wherever you may be on your wellness journey – and however it may look for you – we’re here to support, untangle, uplift, and help guide your goals in a safe, beautiful, non-judgemental environment that puts people and planet first.